You will surely love to know that at Fonoma you always win. Simply by recharging you're making your future transactions cheaper.

With each recharge sent successfully, you will accumulate 4% of the total value for that transaction in your account.

How to get credit in Fonoma?

It's very simple: For example, if you send a recharge of $ 24.00, you will see how your credit increases by $ 0.96. The same happens if you pay in EURO.

From your user page you can always see the amount you have accumulated and the best thing is that you decide how and when to spend it, this credit does not expire.

You might find this useful: when you schedule a recharge for an upcoming promotion the credit obtained is not reflected in your user until the recharge is received in Cuba. Do not worry, it will show as soon as the recharge is processed the first day of the promotional offer period.

I want to use my credit: how do I do it?

If you want to reduce the cost of your recharge simply check the “Use credit” box at the moment of payment. This will be deducted from the total amount to be paid and will reflect in “Total”.

Here's an example of a happy user 😍.

If you are patient and accumulate enough credit you can recharge at zero cost. You will see that by checking the “Use credit” box the Total becomes $ 0.00.

There you have it: a 100% free recharge at Fonoma!

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