How to earn credit in Fonoma?It's very simple: with every recharge you make, 4% of it goes back to you in credti. If, for instance, you send a $24 top-up, you'll see $0.96 added to your credit 😀

And the best part is that you get to decide how to spend it: Get a discount for a new recharge off your credit or wait until you've saved enough for a free recharge.

I want to use my credit now, how can I do it?
If you want a discount in your next recharge simply check the box "use credit" when the payment widget pops up.
Your credit will reduce the total cost of the recharge, and you'll see how much you will actually pay next to "Total".
Here's an example of a happy user 😍

Ommm... patience is also rewarded. Send a 100% free recharge.
If you're patient and manage to accumulate  enough credit you'll be able to send a free recharge. You'll see that when you check the "use credit" box, the total cost of the recharge goes down to $0.00 (see image below)

There you have it: a 100% free recharge with Fonoma. Enjoy your day! 🚀

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