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There are three ways to check the balance of your Nauta account, or what is the same, to know how much time you have left to surf the Internet. It depends on where you are.

The person is connected to the Internet  at a WiFi zone:

Before connecting to the Internet or after disconnecting, there is a simple way to know how much connection time you have without opening the account (and therefore without consuming):

  • Enable the mobile data.

  • Access a web browser and type in, login with the username and password.

  • Do not click on Accept (because you would connect to the Internet), access User Information.

 The person is connected to the Internet at home

If you are anywhere in Cuba with cellular coverage and you have Nauta email active to check from your mobile, then you can open the Nauta Portal.
How to do it?

  • Enable the device's WiFi connection

  • Type in the username and password at ETECSA's access site

  • Without clicking on "accept" (because that'd cause to log in the website) access "User information"

The person is connected to the Internet on a WiFi zone:

To know exactly how much time of Internet connection the person has left while Skyping, checking the apps on its phone or surfing the web, there's a really handy Cuban app called ETK.

  • The person must download and install ETK.

  • Open the app when the person goes to the Nauta WiFi.

  • In the app choose Nauta, and Login Nauta.

  • Login with the user name and password and connect to the Internet.

In all options you will have information about your Nauta account: the balance and time available. In addition, you have the possibility to recharge or transfer balance.

Note: The download speed of the Nauta Portal depends directly on the quality of the mobile data in the area, or whether your phone has the possibility of connecting to the Cuban 3G or 4G.

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