We all like to be in the loop, especially if it's good news. But at Fonoma we understand that you do not always want to receive advertising mails. Now, you can unsubscribe from our messages and updates if you prefer a smoother contact 😉

You can do so in the link in the bottom right corner of the promotional mails:

If you change your mind and want us to keep you posted you can log in Fonoma, go to your user and from there click on the option "Notify me by email about upcoming Cubacel, Nauta, etc", located in the "General" section of your user account:

By doing this, you can enable notifications and activate them again when you need it.

When you unsubscribe from Fonoma's emails, the only emails you will receive will be those related to your top-ups: confirmation of payment and delivery, errors of the payment method or update of information in case we need it for security reasons.

Because we're better together... but we understand reading e-mails is not always that fun 🤗

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