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Keep up to date with Fonoma's emails, or not?
Keep up to date with Fonoma's emails, or not?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe as you prefer!

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We all like to be aware of news, especially if it is good news. But at Fonoma we know that you don't always want to receive advertising emails, so you have the possibility to unsubscribe from notifications if you prefer a more relaxed contact. (Although you may miss a promotion).

You can do it through the link in the button of the promotional mails:

If you regret and want to know about the news, you can follow these steps:

  • In the options menu, click on “Account” and from there you will have the available option "New Cubacel, Nauta promotions, etc. " . You can enable notifications and activate them again when you need it:

Remember, if you unsubscribe from mails through Fonoma, the only emails you will receive will be those related to your top-ups: payment and delivery confirmation, payment method errors or information update if you need it for security.

Because it feels better up close ... but it doesn't always feel like reading mails  🤗

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