If you are in Cuba, you can ask for a recharge just by sending a link via email, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp 😉

How I can do it?

Decide whether you'd like a "Cellphone" or "Nauta WiFi" recharge, enter cellphone number or Nauta account details, and use the "Ask for a recharge" to kick the process. 

Next step is to copy the link to send it via chat, email, etc. You may also send it directly via Facebook Messenger.

📡 Can I also ask for an Nauta Recharge?

Sure, just use the tab above. One advantage of using Fonoma to ask for a Nauta recharge is that your relatives don't have to know your Nauta account details because the link you send has the information embedded.

How is the recharge you asked for sent to Cuba?

Your people, upon receiving the request with a link, just have to follow a few simple steps to send the recharge. Luckily, they are spare from knowing your cellphone number or Nauta account, because it's included with your link.

At last, if you are in Cuba and have a credit card, you can recharge your phone or Nauta account, but there are a few things you need to know  👀 

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