Fonoma Business is a service designed for small businesses or companies that systematically send recharges to Cuba and regularly to the same cell phones or Nauta accounts.

With this service you can send several recharges at the same time and create user lists which will make the shipping process much faster.

The main advantage, compared to the normal recharge service, is that when you buy credit with Business, you get a better deal on the balance purchased. With each payment, a free credit of up to 10% is added depending on the amount of credit purchased.

For example: Purchase $ 240 and you will a total credit of $ 252. Namely, that's an extra 5% for the value paid. Thus, the more credit you buy, the better deal you get. This credit has no expiration date.

How to use this service?

From your user access the section: Fonoma Business

Add credit to your Fonoma account. You can choose the amount of your liking.

Remember: a free credit is added with each payment.

Then, make your own recharge list. You can recharge up to 100 cell phones or Nauta accounts at the same time and also label the shipment to avoid repeating them in the future.

Finally, check the shipping details and click on the pay button and the recharge is sent quickly.

You can also check in your history the recharge you have sent via this service.

You can also check the record of payments and credits, which will help you control your monthly spending and produce reports to generate invoices.

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