As of today, it is not possible to top up mobile data for Cuban cell lines directly from foreign countries. No purchase from abroad (with or without the promotional bonus) currently includes data packages.

But cellular recharges to Cuba can be used to obtain mobile data in Cuba. 👀👇

How to use a cellular recharge for 3G mobile data in Cuba?

Cellular recharges to Cuba add main balance in the cell line of a Cubacel user. If these are sent during a promotion, that balance comes accompanied by a bonus of shorter duration.

After the recharge is sent and the main balance reaches a Cubacel phone, it can be used there to buy data packages from the same cellphone. The rates are the following:

How to buy internet packages in Cuba?

The previous plans are available for purchase on the cellphone, by dialing the code * 133 #. They can also be purchased on the free site 🔗. 

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