From your computer, enter

  1. Log in with the username and password for your Fonoma account.

     2. When you have signed in you'll see your name at the top right corner:

   3. Now, enter both the phone number and the amount you wish to recharge.

   4. Choose the recharge amount among the options in CUC. Immediately next to it, you can check the equivalence in EUR or USD  (minimum 10 CUC and maximum 50 CUC).

     5. Choose the payment method (credit card, debit card or PayPal) and enter the               requested information.

     6. If you pay by card you must fill in the following information:

7. Review the recharge details before sending it and then click "Pay".

 8. Here at Fonoma you can also send an SMS to your family and friends to tell them about the recharge you've sent them:

Try yourself 😉

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