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How does Fonoma work?
Send a cellphone recharge
Send a cellphone recharge

All you need is... a simple service

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  • Enter and register or log in with the username and password for your Fonoma account:

  • Once in your profile, select the contact to recharge:

  • Select the type of recharge to send:

  • Choose the recharge amount among the options in CUP. Immediately next to it, you can check the equivalence in USD or EUR  (minimum 250 CUP and maximum 1250 CUP).

  • Choose the payment method (credit card, debit card or PayPal) and enter the        requested information. If you pay by card you must fill in the following information:

  • Review the recharge details before sending it and then click "Pay":

  • Here at Fonoma you can also send an SMS to your family and friends to tell them about the recharge you've sent them:

Try yourself 😉

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