What you should know about 4G?

Benefits for users of the fourth generation.

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More than a million people are connected to 4G and offer 10 times faster navigation than its predecessor 3G.

What do you need to connect to 4G?

- A cell phone that supports LTE FDD in 1800 MHz band 3.

- Have a USIM.

Important: to know if you are in an area with 4G / LTE coverage, when activating the data, the initials: 4G or LTE must be displayed at the top, next to the coverage bar. Also, you can check if your phone supports the 4G network by sending an SMS to 2266 with the first 8 digits of your phone's IMEI code.

Even if you meet the requirements, you must wait for ETECSA to contact you to enable the service.

What are the prices of the data packages?

Mixed Plans:

Where does 4G coverage exist?

The Fonoma Blog created this map with all the municipalities that have access to the fourth generation network.

4G/LTE network map

If you want to know more about connecting to the 4G network, we recommend reading this article published on the Fonoma Blog (in Spanish) 😀

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