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How does Fonoma work?
Discover the Fonoma App and send recharges to Cuba with one click.
Discover the Fonoma App and send recharges to Cuba with one click.

Use our services from the comfort of your mobile.

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Since 2018, Fonoma has had an application to facilitate the process of recharging cell phones and Nauta WIFI accounts.

The application is available for Android (supports devices with Android 4 or higher) and for IOS (supports devices with IOS 10 or higher). It can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store respectively.

The current version, accessible for download, is v.1.4.1. The App is constantly updated so new versions are published for both platforms from time to time.

From the App you can make your recharges, access your account, review your history, save your contacts, or communicate with our Support team.

Fonoma app

How to access Fonoma from the App?

There are two ways to access Fonoma. If you don't have a user account, you can create one by entering a valid email address and password, or by logging in from your Gmail or Facebook account.

If you already have a Fonoma account, you only have to enter the email address with which you registered and the corresponding password.

Once registered, you have the possibility to import your mobile contacts into the App.

What steps to follow to send a recharge from the App?

To start the recharging process you can access it from different parts:

  • Select Cellular or Nauta in the "Recharge" window and indicate the number or account.

  • From one of the recent recharges (if you are a user already).

  • Choosing the contact you want to recharge.

Once the recipient of the recharge has been selected, the process continues as follows:

  • Choose the amount to recharge.

  • On the next screen, review the recharge details (amount to pay, amount to send, and payment method to use). You can also decide if you are going to use Fonoma credit for payment. Finally, approve the payment.

  • In a third moment, the App tells you if the payment was successful or if there were any problems.

In the end, Fonoma offers you the possibility of sending a free message to the number you have recharged.

Fonoma app

In the help option, you will have access to a chat with our team every day of the year and also to different articles with details about our services.

Download it now! Easy, safe, and fast, you will be amazed 😉

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