You can ask your family and friends outside the island to recharge for you in Fonoma.

You just need to send a link via email, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Here's how:

Go to your account settings on the top right hand corner and click on Account.

Once you've entered these settings, go on the left side of the screen and find the Ask for a recharge option.

Decide whether you want to recharge your cell phone or a Nauta WIFI account and type the cell number or Nauta account. Then, copy the link that will appear down below and you're set to share it with your contacts.

You can send it by chat, email or other means. You also have the option to send it directly by Facebook Messenger.

How is the recharge sent after you order it?

Upon receiving the link to the request, your family or friends just have to follow a few simple steps to send the recharge. It's easier for them because they won't have to insert your phone number or Nauta account: it's included in the link.

Now you can just enjoy your recharge 😃

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