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Give $7. Get $7.

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How can you invite your friends to Fonoma?

You can send a link via WhatsApp, email, messenger. You can also share your code with your friends so they can redeem it after registering on Fonoma.

Give $7. Get $7.

Each friend you invite to Fonoma receives a $7 discount on their first recharge valid for 30 days.

Once your invited friend sends the first recharge, you receive a $7 credit that doesn't expire.

How can your invited friends use their gift?

Your friends receive the gift as a discount upon accepting your invitation. However, two conditions must be met to take use it.

  • They must recharge a contact that has not been recharged in the last 3 months at Fonoma.

  • The payment must be made with a card or PayPal account that has not been used before on Fonoma.

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