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How to create a permanent Nauta account to navigate in WiFi areas?
How to create a permanent Nauta account to navigate in WiFi areas?

Commercial offices of ETECSA can make the contract.

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These are the steps you must follow to create your account:

  1. First, you must go to an ETECSA commercial office with your Identity Card,

  2. Request the opening of a permanent Nauta account for international navigation. At that time, you will be assigned a user ID (ex: [email protected]) and password.

  3. You will have to pay 25 CUP that will remain as available time for navigation.

  4. Finally, visit a WiFi point and connect with your username and password to verify your account.

          In the country, to date, more than 1000 Nauta WiFi points are enabled.

To manage your account, click on:, you can change the password, check your balance, transfer balance to other  Nauta accounts, among other actions.

The cost of the international navigation service is 17.50 CUP per hour.

The Nauta account is active for 330 days, if after this time you have not recharged it, it passes to a period during which the account remains inactive (30 days), it will only be available for the user to recharge and manage the account in the User Portal. After this period the account expires if it is not recharged.

Note: Your account can also be used as the base for the Nauta Home service, the household Internet service ETECSA is currently expanding in Cuba.

For further information, please check here.

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