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Video calling apps available in Cuba
Video calling apps available in Cuba

Do you want to make video calls and save mobile data? Here's how.

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The use of video call apps has become an important part of everyday life anywhere in the world. Due to the particularity of the Cuban context, it is important to keep an eye on the consumption of mobile data and some apps cannot be used because they are restricted for the Island.

Therefore, knowing the available of video call apps and their consumption can make the difference.

Which video call apps consume less data?

Some factors that can influence the consumption of mobile data could be the quality of the connection, the phone, the front camera, the video resolution or the number of people involved in the call.

In order to know the consumption of the video call apps available in Cuba, Fonoma's blog carried out a comparative study among the different apps, taking as a reference the experiment developed by the specialized portal "Xataka".

The comparison made by Fonoma's blog measures the consumption during three minutes for the following video call apps: Messenger, Telegram, Imo, Whatsapp and FaceTime. The mobile devices used were:

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (connected to 4G).

  • Samsung J7 Prime (3G).

  • iPhone 7 Plus (Facetime / 4G only).

How much does each app consume in 3 minutes of video call?

The study carried out by Fonoma reveals that the consumption of mobile data varies and depends on each app or service that is used, also on the data package contracted.

Our recommendation is that if you want to consume less data on video calls you use Messenger, but if you're looking for a better face-to-face communication we suggest Whatsapp. In case you use iphone, the best is FaceTime.

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