How to get this gift with an invitation?

First, go to, and in the section Invite your friends you can copy and send this invitation by Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, or Email.

What does this gift consist of?

Each person you invite will receive a discount of 7 USD/ 7 EUR to use in one of theirs purchases. The person receives this discount in the form of a voucher to be redeemed in the section Promos and Discounts available in the user section.

The guest is not obliged to use the discount on the first recharge, he/she has 30 days to avail of this benefit.

And once your guest recharges, you receive a $7 credit that does not expire.

Are you going to miss this opportunity? Take advantage!!

Important, this option is only available to guests who have not previously recharged at Fonoma.

What conditions must be met to obtain the gift?

The 7 USD/7EUR of credit will be available in your account when your referred friend or family member referred friend or family member makes his or her first recharge and meets the following conditions:

  • Discounts available only for cell phones or Nauta accounts that have NOT been recharged in the last three months at Fonoma. have been recharged in the last three months at Fonoma.

  • That the payment is made with a card or Paypal account that has not been used before in Fonoma.

  • That the invitation is valid (30 days after registration).

  • The friend or relative can only benefit from this offer once.

For whoever makes the invitation, please note that:

  • If the email address registered in Fonoma is confirmed, you can invite a maximum of 10 people.

  • If the email address registered in Fonoma is not confirmed, you will only be able to invite one person.

Whether you are already a Fonoma member or not, this gift is of interest to you. Don't hesitate and invite your friends to recharge with discount 😉

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