Any Cuban over 18 years old, mentally able to sign contracts can, at least, own one cellphone line in Cuba. The maximum amount of phone lines per person is three. This means there's a  limit of three cell phone numbers.

Provided this requirements are met, the future Cubacel user can go to the closest ETECSA Commercial Office and contract their services.

Documents required depending on the customer:

  • If the customer is a Cuban residing in Cuba: ID card.
  • If the customer is a Cuban residing abroad: Passport issued by the Republic of Cuba.
  • If the customer is a foreigner residing temporary or permanently in Cuba: Updated resident ID card or Diplomatic ID issued by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • If the customer is a visiting foreigner: Passport from the country of origin.

Two kinds of cell phone line contracts can be taken out at the ETECSA offices:
Permanent and Temporary. 

Permanent Contract

The Permanent Contract is recommended for those users dwelling in Cuba on a regular basis, since it is cheaper and offers longer periods of validity for the line.

The cost for contracting the Permanent line is 40 CUC total: 30 for activating the service and 10 for the first recharge. The period of validity goes up to 330 days after the last recharge. If no recharges are made within that period, its will become suspended during another 30 calendar days. During these days, the user will not be able to use the balance until a recharge is purchased.

Temporary Contract

Specifically designed for visitors in Cuba, the Temporary Contract is useful for time periods between 3 days and 12 months. After the initial minimal recharge of 10 CUC, the user must contract every day that the service will be used, paying 3 CUC per day.
It is possible to extend the contract, as long as it doesn't go beyond 12 months since the activation of the line.
This recharge, unlike in the Permanent contract, does not have an expiration date since the last recharge, or the additional 30 days of suspended balance.

Unless you are planning to pass very few days in Cuba, we strongly recommend to get a Permanent line, because the temporary one is way more expensive.

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