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How to purchase a SIM card or cell phone line in Cuba
How to purchase a SIM card or cell phone line in Cuba

Get them only in Cuba and start talking!

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Any Cuban over 18 years old, mentally able to sign contracts, can own up to 3 mobile phone lines in Cuba.

Provided these requirements are met, the future Cubacel user can go to the closest ETECSA Commercial Office and contract the services.

What documents would you need to provide?

  • If the customer is a Cuban residing in Cuba: ID card.

  • If the customer is a Cuban residing abroad: passport issued by the Republic of Cuba.

  • If the customer is a foreigner residing temporarily or permanently in Cuba: updated resident ID card or Diplomatic ID issued by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • If the customer is a visiting foreigner: passport from the country of origin.

There are two types of contracts for mobile lines: Permanent and Temporary.

Permanent Contract

The Permanent Contract is recommended for those users dwelling in Cuba on a regular basis, since it is cheaper and offers longer periods of validity for the line.

To contract the permanent line will cost 1000 CUP: 750 CUP for the activation of the service and 250 CUP for the balance. The term of validity amounts to 330 active days after the last recharge. If you do not comply with that time, it will go to a suspended status of 30 calendar days, during which you will not be able to use your balance until you put money into the account. After 360 days without adding balance, the line expires.

Temporary Contract

Specifically designed for visitors, the Temporary Contract is useful for time periods between 3 days and 12 months. After a payment of 250CUP, the user must contract every day the service will be used, paying 75 CUP per day.

It is possible to extend the contract, as long as it doesn't go beyond 12 months since the activation of the line.

Unless you are planning to pass very few days in Cuba, we strongly recommend to get a permanent line, because the temporary one is way more expensive.

Cubacel Tur

There is the possibility of acquiring a non-permanent line with a duration of 30 days,
for now, only on the Cubacel site

This line has included the offer of 6 GB + 100 MIN + 100 SMS, and its price is 25 USD.
It is a new service, and if you want more information you can go to this link or ask us. We will help you in any way we can.

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