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Safety in Fonoma
Does Fonoma guarantee the delivery?
Does Fonoma guarantee the delivery?

Yes, and here's some useful information about it

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The recharge takes less than a minute to arrive. You will receive a detailed confirmation via email, with the recharge ID, time and date, and recharged cell phone number or  WiFi Nauta account. 

In case you are recharging a cell phone number, ETECSA will also send a message to the receiver in Cuba, notifying the received recharge. 

For the WiFi account, the account's user can check the balance at the Nauta Site.

The only possible inconvenience happens whenever the user purchasing the recharge types the wrong number or WiFi Nauta account. In these cases, it won't be possible to claim the money back, since Cubacel does not reimburse a recharge after it has been delivered. If you have doubts about this issue you can consult also the Terms and Conditions in Fonoma.

With Fonoma you are guaranteed the efficient and effective delivery of your recharge😊

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