Since the end of 2016, ETECSA is researching a project to bring the Internet to Cuban homes: Nauta Home. 

Who`s eligible for Nauta Hogar?

Every user living within an area with available household Internet will receive a call from the pertaining ETECSA Commercial Office.

How to activate the service?

The user will be able to choose one of the four speed/price packages (in the image above) and request the purchase and installation of a package with all necessary tools for Nauta Home. 

Also, the user will need a account, the same kind used for WiFi Nauta areas. That account will be linked to the phone number in order to provide the service, but it will still be able to access the Internet in public areas using balance recharges.

There are 4 four speed/price packages to hire:

What if you run out of hours?

If all the hours contracted in the monthly package are used up, the associated Nauta account balance can be recharged to use at home, applying ETECSA's oficial fee (1 CUC per hour).

You can find more information and tips about Nauta Home in this article 🤓

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