Nauta accounts can be contracted in ETECSA Multiservice Centers and Commercial Offices.

Steps for creating your account:

1- Bring your ID and 2 CUC to any ETECSA commercial office.

2- Request opening a permanent Nauta account for international Internet navigation. You will be given an account username (i.e. [email protected]) and a password.

3- Go to any WiFi area and log in with your username and password (there are more than 500 public WiFi areas all around Cuba at the moment)

4- To manage your account, go to You will be able to change your password, check your balance, transfer credit to other Nauta accounts, etc.

The Nauta international Internet navigation service fee is 1 CUC per hour.

Note: Your account can also be used as the base for the Nauta Home service, the household Internet service ETECSA is currently expanding in Cuba 📡🏠
For further information, please check here.

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