You have two options to stay connected on your trip to Cuba:


Use the roaming services of your cell company, if it has agreements with ETECSA. How to know it?
I want you to be warned: it does not usually go cheap­čĺ░
But sometimes it is affordable and has the advantage that you keep your phone number and don't have to change your SIM card.

Cubacel 3G

  • With your identity card or Cuban passport (or even with the passport of another country) you can get a permanent Cubacel cell line.
  • You don't want to get a permanent line? At the airport, upon arrival, you can buy a card to activate a Cubacel temporary line.┬á

You already have it? Now make sure your smartphone works on the Cuban 3G network, then configure the APN Nauta, and finally dial * 133 # to buy data plans. More info.

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