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Nauta Hogar, the domestic Internet in Cuba
Nauta Hogar, the domestic Internet in Cuba

Four speed / price packages, starting at 250 CUP

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At the end of 2016, Nauta Hogar, ETECSA's project to bring Internet to the homes of Cuba, was born.

Who can hire Nauta Hogar?

The service is available only in some areas, distributed throughout all the provinces of the country.

If you live in a place with technical possibility to hire the Internet, you have to receive a call from the Commercial Office of ETECSA. This communication is the first step to have Internet at home.

In addition, you need to have a landline telephone service and a telephone pair with the technical conditions that allow establishing a link for data transmission and the use of the service.

How to activate it?

First, remember, you should receive a call from ETECSA.

Second, you have to buy and install a kit with the necessary implements for Nauta Hogar (Internet connection using ADSL technology).

Third, you need a Nauta access account with domain If you are already a user of a Nauta account (with this domain), prior to the Nauta Hogar request, it is associated to the service; otherwise, ETECSA enables one for you as part of the offer. This Nauta account will be associated with the landline number and can also be used in public areas with WiFi.

How much does it cost?

The price of the initial installation is 250 CUP, and the necessary accessory kit has a value of 475 CUP. To this cost are added the prices of the monthly packages stipulated by ETECSA.

This system has a gift of 300 CUP for new customers. That means that if you hire the cheapest 1 megabit plan, the first month will be free. And if you buy a more expensive package, that amount will be discounted in your first month.

The existing rates are:

What if you run out of hours?

Once the monthly time has elapsed, the user has the opportunity to extend their hours following this rate: 12.50 CUP the pre-paid time in their Nauta account.

How do you pay for this service?

You can go to an ETECSA Commercial Office every month.

You can also use the balance of the Nauta account to pay the monthly package you have contracted. Remember, these Nauta WiFi accounts CAN be recharged from abroad, and then you can use that balance to pay Nauta Hogar through the Nauta User Portal.

A Nauta WiFi account can also be recharged by purchasing coupons at any ETECSA center or private communications agent that sells them.

Important: This payment is made in the Nauta User Portal, from home and without queuing at the ETECSA Commercial Office.

Other thing you should know about Nauta Hogar:

The number of hours hired are NOT cumulative from one month to another.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of Nauta Hogar, you can call 118. If you have already activated it, ask for Customer Service at 0800–434–34, option #3.

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