In Cuba, Internet access is offered through public Wi-Fi hotspots, Navigation rooms and recently by mobile data.

For the use of the Internet via WiFi, users must first sign up for Nauta access accounts. These accounts can be temporary or permanent.

Permanent accounts are the most effective for users residing in Cuba and can be recharged at ETECSA's stores or through telecom agents.

The ETECSA rate for this service is 17.50 CUP per hour of navigation.

Nauta WiFi can also be recharged from the outside and the process is very fast. In Fonoma we provide this service:

Here are the steps and you'll see it's very simple:

  • Insert the Nauta account and the amount you wish to recharge. The amount range is between 250 CUP (minimum) and 1250 CUP (maximum) for each transaction. Then, click on Send Recharge.

  • Choose the recharge amount among the options in CUP. Immediately next to it, you can check the equivalence in USD or EUR:

  • Enter the information requested for the card:

  • In the next window, you can confirm payment and that's it. Your recharge is processed in a matter of seconds. Make sure to review your recharge before you send it to avoid mistakes.

  • Likewise, if you wish to use your credit in the payment, clicking on the circle of Use credit discounts the credit you have saved from the total value.

  • Here at Fonoma you can also send an SMS to your family and friends to tell them about the recharge you've sent them:

Try yourself 😉

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