Mobile data rates in Cuba

There are several options, discover them!

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The purchase of mobile data from Cuba is made from the cell phone and using the main balance available, the latter can be recharged from abroad.

If your device meets all the requirements to use mobile data navigation in Cuba, you can start doing it by dialing *133#. We tell you how to activate them here

What is your best option?

Data Packages

The data packages, with the new ETECSA offers, can only be consumed on the 4G network.

Data packages for 4G/LTE network users

Mixed Plans:

Mixed Plans contain megabits, minutes and sms, are the preferred offer of customers and are available for both cell phones that connect to the 3G and 4G networks:

Remember: Mixed plans are valid for 30 days from the use of any of the resources they include, and these can be accumulated if a new plan is purchased before the deadline.

Daily bag LTE

Useful option to solve a specific emergency. It is only valid for 24 hours and its use is exclusively for mobile phones with 4G / LTE. The rates are 25 CUP per 200 MB.

Rate for consumption

It is more expensive than packages. But if you use the Internet only occasionally or moderately, you can try it to see if it suits your needs. The rates are 0.50 CUP per MB of international navigation.

Mail bag

It only serves to handle Etecsa's "Nauta" emails. It costs 25 CUP, you can consume up to 50 MB in a month and does not allow Internet access.

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*Important reminder: Data Plans and Fees are always paid from the main balance, never from the bonus.

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