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How to check data consumption & other helpful codes
How to check data consumption & other helpful codes

Keep track of your MB consumption and you won't have any surprises 😉

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If you are interested in using the ETECSA cellular Internet, here is a set of handy resources.

Steps to know if you can activate Data Internet in Cuba:

  • Know the IMEI of the phone, by dialing *#06#

  • Send a free SMS to 2266

  • Write the first 8 digits of your IMEI and send it

✅ You will receive an SMS with the answer you were looking for.

Another simpler alternative to achieve the same outcome is to dial: *222*468#.

And to know if you can connect to the 4G / LTE network ...

Well, first you need to know if your SIM card is an USIM type, which is the one that can connect to the 4G / LTE network. For that, send an SMS to 2266 with the text SIM, just that. You will receive the answer shortly. 

If it is positive, then send another SMS to 2266 but this time with the text LTE. The confirmation message is as follows:

“ETECSA informs: You can use 4G / LTE when in the coverage area, configure your phone. For more information contact 52642266 ”.

Useful codes

Activation code
Dial *133# to buy data plans or activate the consumption fee.

Data Plans Consultation
If you send *222*328#, you will receive the remaining MB and the validity of the active Data Package.

4G / LTE bonus consultation and national navigation
The 400 MB, 600 MB and 1 GB packages include a bonus that doubles those amounts and is exclusive for 4G / LTE network consumption.

In addition, all data packages come with a free 300 MB bonus for national navigation.

Dial *222*266# to check both Internet bonuses.

Know your balance Cubacel
And, as always, the main balance of a Cubacel line is consulted dialing *222#

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