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What is Nauta Mail, how to activate it and what is it used for?
What is Nauta Mail, how to activate it and what is it used for?

The Nauta Mail is a simple and quick way to stay communicated inside and outside Cuba.

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It is an ETECSA service that allows you to have an email address [email protected] to communicate by email inside and outside Cuba.

This email can be accessed from an ETECSA navigation room, but the preferred option for Cubans is to configure it on their mobile phone for the convenience of having access to the mailbox from home at any time, as long as they have the phone balance.

In order to check this email using your mobile line, you must meet these 5 requirements:

  • Have a cell phone with access to data transmission (GPRS).

  • Have an email application or browser on your mobile. 

  • Have activated (in an ETECSA commercial office) your Nauta email and the GPRS for your mobile line.

  • Set up the mobile for the new email account.

  • Have balance on the line.

The activation price of your Nauta mail in ETECSA is 37.50 CUP. The maximum storage capacity in your email is 50 MB. If you exceed that amount of data in your mailbox, you will not be able to receive or send more messages.

Mail Bag

It allows the purchase of a cheaper data package: 50 MB for 25 CUP, to spend in 30 days.
The price is deducted from the main balance of the line.
This service is contracted through the code *133#, then choosing the option Data / Mail Bag.

Rate for consumption

Users who do not have a Mail Bag active can use that service as long as they activate the Consumer Rate. That is, 2.50 CUP for each MB of data (sent or received). The Mail Bag is usually much cheaper for frequent email users.
The activation of the Consumption Rate is also done through *133#, and then choosing the Data option.

Since the arrival of the mobile data in Cuba, the Nauta mail has become a bit obsolete. Users prefer the international options: safer and easier to use. 

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