At Fonoma, recharges prices are set in USD. In the case of recharges paid in EUR, their cost may vary according to the current rate of that currency.

These variations depend on the international market, that is, on the USD / EUR exchange. The value of the EUR can be higher or lower and as a consequence the price per recharge can go up or down. Variations are slight.

Also, if you pay in EUR there is another detail that we want to comment on:

If your cards or accounts are in EUR, it is also convenient for you to make your Fonoma payments in that currency.

Why do we explain this to you? Many users have their bank cards in EUR and the Fonoma account in USD. What happens in these cases? Banks or PayPal charge an extra fee to the customer for making transactions with a different currency than that expressed on their cards.

How can you change the currency at Fonoma and thus avoid extra fees from banks?

  • Once you are in your profile, enter your "account" information.

  • Change the "Currency" option to Euro.

If you have problems making these changes or other questions write to us in the chat or send an email to [email protected] to help you.

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