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Why was the payment rejected?
Why was the payment rejected?

Possible scenarios for a payment to fail unexpectedly

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Failures happen due to rejection from the payment processor (not Fonoma). This may happen for several reasons that are not displayed in our system.

The possible situations, together with their solutions, may be as follows:

1. Scenario: They payment cannot be processed.

-Solution: We currently accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express both debit and credit cards.

2. Scenario: The payment details are incorrect.

-Solution: Try introducing your card details again and thoroughly verify these are correct.

3. Scenario: The payment details were correctly introduced, but the payment is still rejected.

-Solution: In these cases, the payment processor (an entity not related with Fonoma) does not accept the card. Try another payment methods you may have.

4. Situation: The payment details were correctly introduced, but the payment cannot be sent. 

-Solution: In these cases, the entity that emits the card does not allow to make payment in other currencies. We recommend that you contact your bank/financial entity to solve this issue with them.

5. Situation: Insufficient credit.

-Solution: Add more money to your account and retry the recharge.

No matter what situation may have arisen, please try recharging in a couple hours following the rejection. Also, try recharging from a different web browser.

We hope this information helps you and that you can recharge with us as soon as possible. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information you may need regarding other payment methods.

You can check out other methods of payment in case the one you are using is failing.

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