ETECSA offers promotions for cell phone recharges in Cuba from another country.

Terms and conditions

  • The promotion applies to recharges worth 20 CUC or more.
  • The recharge must be purchased during the given period of time for the promotion. It usually happens every month for about a week.

Once the recharge is sent, the receiver will have the specified amount in the phone's main balance, plus an additional promo bonus. This bonus can be spent during an amount of time specified by ETECSA, according to the amount recharged.

Differences between main balance and promotional bonus

After a recharge is made during a promotion, the bonus balance is set to be used first. It will be used for all calls and texts made, as long as it is not depleted or the expiration date has passed. Services such as balance transfer, mobile data packages, Nauta Packages or SMS and VOZ plan won't be subtracted from this bonus, they will be paid from the main balance.

Once the bonus is no longer valid, the main balance will be used again. It can be transferred to another cell phone and allows the payment of other ETECSA service packs.

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