The promotions launched by Cubacel, almost always every 15 days, allow you to receive the main balance and extra bonus. From mid-2020, the extra lasts for 30 days from the time the recharge is received.

In general, the promotions last 6 days: they start on a Monday and end on a Saturday, and to access them it is necessary to send recharges between 20 and 50 CUC while the promotion is active.

Once the recharge is made, the receiver will see the amount added to its main balance plus a bonus.

Differences between the main balance and the promotional bonus

The bonus part of the recharge is the first to be consumed. With this bonus, you can make calls and send text messages (both national and international) until it's either used up or the expiration date has passed.

The bonus cannot be used to pay for services such as mobile data packages, balance transfer, Mail Bag, SMS Plans, VOICE; the price of these will be subtracted from the main balance. Once the bonus is used up or expired, the main balance begins to be spent, which can be transferred to other cell phones and allows payments to be made for ETECSA's other services.

The main balance, almost always 20 CUC, with 330 days of validity, can be used to buy data. It can also be used to make calls and send SMS, both national and international.

So, what are these promotions like, and which ones are the most frequent?

Bonus in CUC: "Extra 30, 40 or 50"

Cubacel promotion

This type of promotion is the most common. It consists of adding a bonus of 30, 40, or 50 CUC once a 20 CUC recharge is sent.

  • Classic Promo: 20 CUC of main balance + 30 CUC of bonus
  • Triple Promo: 20 CUC of balance + 40 CUC of bonus
  • Super Promo: 20 CUC of balance + 50 CUC of bonus

Mixed bonus: "CUC + Minutes + SMS"

Mixed bonus

Known as "minute promotions", this offer includes a special bonus for calls and SMS messages. This service applies both for communication within the island and with family and friends abroad.

  • Double Plus Promo: 20 CUC balance + 20 CUC bonus + 30 min + 30 SMS
  • Mixed promotion: 20 CUC balance + 10 CUC bonus + 50 min + 50 SMS

Bonuses with Internet: "1 GB extra"

Bonuses with Internet

  • Minutes and Internet: 20 CUC of balance + 50 min voucher + 50 sms + 1 GB
  • Classic with Internet: 20 CUC balance + 30 CUC bonus + 1 GB
  • Super promo with Internet: 20 CUC balance + 40 CUC bonus + 1GB

Do you already know which promotion you like the most? Take your pick and give your family and friends in Cuba the possibility of always being connected šŸ¤©

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