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Mobile phone basic services and rates in Cuba
Mobile phone basic services and rates in Cuba

Learn about calls and SMS to communicate within Cuba and with the whole world

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What can be done with a Cubacel mobile phone line? The main functions are calls, text messages and mobile data packages.

These calls and SMS messages are free of charge for the recipient. When you make a call or send a text message, you will be charged according to the current rates.

National rates for Cubacel users:

Phone calls may have different rates, depending on distance and duration. All national calls will be deducted from your balance at the rate of 8.75 CUP per minute of conversation. This does not include calls made between 10:59 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., when the rates are lower and calls cost 2.50 CUP per minute.

Cubacel's pricing for national calls is set in real time. This means that, for your calls in Cuba, you pay exactly the amount of seconds/minutes that you consume. 

International rates for Cubacel users:

International calls do depend on prices adapted to different areas:

  1. Venezuela 17.50 CUP/min

  2. Rest of the world 27.50 CUP/min 

Text messages within national range (up to 160 characters) cost 1 CUP each. Sending a text message to any information service (news, famous quotes, horoscope) or participating in a poll or voting system, will have a rate of 4 CUP per outgoing text message.

Text messages to any other country will have a rate of 15 CUP.

There is another, less demanded, service: the multimedia message (MMS). In order to use this service, you must activate it in an ETECSA commercial office, have a cell phone supporting GPRS and configure it to be able to use this service. 

📱Check your balance from your cell phone, simply typing *222#. And if you have a promotional bonus, use the code *222*266# to check it. For mobile data, you can see how much you have left with *222*328#.

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