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Why is my recharge being inspected?
Why is my recharge being inspected?
Data confirmation for on hold recharges
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Due to security reasons, some recharges must be manually processed by the Fonoma staff in order to verify there is no wrongful use of your payment method of choice.

In this case, you will be asked to provide some information such as name, address and phone number.

Once the information has been provided, that person may receive a phone call from the staff, always as soon as possible.

In most cases, once we've called you, we won't need to call you again unless another of your recharges doesn't meet our security standards.

  • If Fonoma can't reach the user, because the user is not picking up or the call goes to the voicemail, Fonoma will repeat the call some other time. If the next attempt doesn't work either, the recharge will be cancelled, since it couldn't be inspected.

  • If the number provided for inspection is incorrect, the client can contact us on [email protected] from his account to provide a new one so that the recharge can be properly inspected.*Fonoma is not allowed to call a Cuban telephone.

  • If the user did not send the requested information before 24 hours have gone by, the recharge is then cancelled, as it was impossible to inspect it. We make calls from Monday through Sunday to make the process as fast as possible. 

  • If your recharge is on hold but you wish to send us the information at a later time, that's okay. You can find your recharge in your account's recharge history and send the information from there.

Important Remainder: If you DO NOT want to continue with the security process, it is recommended to enter the Fonoma user, from the recharge history, and cancel the transaction.

Guaranteeing safety is an important part of Fonoma's work, which is why we take this process seriously. We have support teams both in America and Europe to go over the recharges as quickly as possible. 

You can go to our chat (bottom right corner) with any questions you have about this process.

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