ETECSA's combined plans are here to stay. This new opportunity bring offers that include: data (for all networks), minutes for national and international calls and SMS. We tell you all the details 👇

The available plans are:

  • Basic: 9 GB + 75 Min + 80 SMS (In this case 5GB are for exclusive use of the 4G network).

  • Regular: 14 GB + 115 Min + 120 SMS (In this case 10GB are for exclusive use of the 4G network).

  • Plus: 20 GB + 165 Min + 160 SMS (In this case 16GB are for exclusive use of the 4G network).

Important: These offers do NOT include main balance.

These combined plans will be valid for 30 days.

Interesting, isn't it?

Now you can send your family and friends one of these plans, you have them available on our website or in the app, through a new option we have enabled.

How? Follow the same steps of a regular recharge but first, select the Combined Plan option and then the rate you like the most:

In Cuba the person will receive an SMS notifying about the recharge received and will be able to check the balance by dialing *222# (GB, MIN and SMS will be shown).

If you have any doubts about the process write us to the chat or send an email to [email protected], we will be happy to help you 😀.

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