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How to connect to the Internet in WiFi Zones?
How to connect to the Internet in WiFi Zones?

Know the accounts available for national and international navigation.

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ETECSA offers Internet browsing services in Wi-Fi zones through Nauta accounts. So far the ones enabled are:

  • The international navigation access accounts whose domain is

  • The national navigation access accounts whose domain is

How can I recharge these accounts?

  • You can buy coupons at any ETECSA center or private communications agent that sells them.

  • They can send you a recharge from abroad.

  • Or go to a commercial office of ETECSA and recharge the [email protected] account.

As you can see, these accounts can be recharged from the national territory and from abroad. The current ETECSA rate for the international connection is 17.50 CUP / hour. If you are interested in the rates, you can check more information in this article.

To connect in Cuba, you must go to the nearest public navigation point, turn on the WiFi on your device and authenticate with a temporary or permanent account on the ETECSA WiFi network.

It is recommended that you activate a Nauta permanent account for international navigation, because the temporary ones are not rechargeable and are only valid for 30 calendar days from the first connection.

Once connected, you can use your favorite applications 😍. The most popular are searches on Google and YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

When you connect to the ETECSA WiFi network in a public navigation area, you automatically enter the Nauta User Portal. Once you have been authenticated in it, you can perform several actions related to your permanent browsing account.

If you do NOT have a Nauta account, you can consult how to do it in this link.

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