ETECSA offers Internet navigation services through the Nauta accounts.
So far, the following accounts are available:

  • International navigation accounts, with a domain.
  • National navigation accounts, with a domain.

Both kinds can be recharged within national territory as well as outside of it.
The current ETECSA fee for this service is 0'70CUC per hour.

In order to connect, the person in Cuba must go to the closest public navigation area, turn on the device's WiFi function, access ETECSA WiFi network and authenticate using a temporary or permanent account.

It is advisable for the user activating a permanent Nauta account for international navigation, since the temporary accounts can't be recharged and are only valid for a period of 30 calendar days starting with the first connection.

Once connected, the person can use several online apps and services.
Among the most popular, the use of the search engines Google and Youtube, also Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

When a user accesses ETECSA WiFi network in a public navigation area, the Nauta User Website will be automatically loaded. Once the user has been authenticated, several actions related to the permanent navigation account can be performed.

Please keep in mind that Nauta Email (which is not an account, but an email address) also uses the domain. These emails use cellphone balance, so only the cellphone where it is set up must be reloaded. You can't access the Internet with these emails: the only function is to send and receive emails.

If you don't have a rechargeable account, you can check here how to get one 😊

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