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How to transfer balance between WiFi Nauta accounts
How to transfer balance between WiFi Nauta accounts

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Among the functions of the Nauta User Portal, we can transfer balance from one account to another. It is possible to do it between permanent Nauta Accounts. This service is completely free and you can access to it through the option "Transfer balance". 

Then, you will only have to specify the amount to transfer and the receiving Nauta account. After that you must enter your password and a confirmation code for further security.

An important exception to take into account is that the transfer is not considered a recharging operation, so it does not extend the life cycle of the account receiving the transfer. 

In order for the operation to work, none of the two users taking part in the transaction (sender and receiver) can be connected to the navigation service at that moment, which means that in order to do this you can't access the user portal from navigation,  but using the authentication window 📱💻👌

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