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Are you traveling to Cuba and want to stay connected?
Are you traveling to Cuba and want to stay connected?

Use roaming or get a Cubacel line

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If you want to stay connected on your trip to Cuba you have three options:


You can use the roaming services of your telephone company, if it has agreements with ETECSA.

I want you to be warned: it does not usually go cheap💰But sometimes it is affordable and has the advantage that you keep your phone number and don't have to change your SIM card.

Cubacel Tur.

There is the possibility of acquiring a non-permanent line with a duration of 30 days

For now it can only be purchased upon arrival in Cuba, or on the Cubacel website

This line has included the offer of 2.5GB + 20 MIN + 20 SMS, and its price is 25USD.

It is a new service, and if you want more info you can go to this link or ask us. We will help you in everything that is in our hand.

Cubacel 3G/4G

With the third option, viable with your identity card or Cuban passport (or even with the passport of another country), you can get a permanent Cubacel cell line.

You already have it? Now make sure your smartphone works on the Cuban 3G /4G network, then configure the APN Nauta, and finally dial * 133 # to buy data plans. More info.

Don't you want to get a permanent line? At the airport, upon arrival, you can buy a card to activate a Cubacel timeline, with which you can activate the Internet with the same conditions as I already explained.

I wish you are traveling to Cuba soon!

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