Unfortunately, the only case in which Fonoma can't give you your money back is when the number or the Wifi Nauta account recharged is not correct. This subject is even specified in our refund policy

The reason is that Cubacel does not refund. Their point is that once the credit has been sent to another number or account, the balance can't be deleted after delivery.

It is very common for telecommunications companies to have this policy, but there is something you can try in these cases:

You have the possibility to make a balance transfer between the lines. To do this, contact the person in Cuba you have reloaded by mistake and tell them to mark the following sequence in one step:

  • 234 * 1 * CUBAN number * Key * amount to transfer #

And press the CALL key.

Here we explain everything about balance transfers.

* In all your refills please remember to always check the purchase data you are making (number / Nauta WiFi account; value paid; value that arrives in Cuba) before accessing payment and thus make sure you avoid unwanted situations.

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