Recharging is helping. With every recharge you bring the Cubans closer, inside and outside of the country, through the possibilities offered by the telecommunication services.

When you recharge, you turn your money into phone calls, text messages or even mobile data, benefiting your family and friends in Cuba. This way, you allow them to be in touch with you anytime they want to or need to.

Who can purchase a recharge?

Anyone with Internet access and an electronic payment system can purchase a recharge in Cuba.
This transaction can be done using a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discovery) or a Paypal account.

If you are in Cuba and you own one of those payment methods, you must read this article.
Otherwise, if you don't have a credit card, you can also request a recharge from your family and friends outside the country.

Recharge options

There are simple recharges, which you can purchase every day, and promotional recharges. These last ones are limited to 5 or 6 days and it is repeated every month, even twice a month, sometimes.
That interval, as well as the general terms of the promotion, is determined by ETECSA.

During the days of the promotion, on top of any amount of money that the sender purchases, the person in Cuba receives a bonus that can be used for calling, emailing or texting.

The bonus has an expiration date, determined also by ETECSA. Remember, if you don't use the bonus before the date, it will be gone! 💸

How can I check if my recharge has successfully arrived?

In order to know that, the receiver in Cuba must know these two codes:

  • Dial *222# for the main balance of the account
  • Dial *222*266# for the bonus. 


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