You can purchase two kinds of recharges: cell phone recharge and WiFi Nauta permanent accounts in Cuba.

Uses of the cellphone recharge

Recharging a cell phone guarantees that the receiver (family, friends or even yourself) has enough balance on the cell phone. That balance will allow for national and international phone calls, texting and even sending emails. If the user has activated the Nauta email service and the phone is correctly configured, the same balance for calls and texts will allow paying for email communication, always following ETECSA rates. You can also now buy data packages to connect to the 3G/4G grid, find out more about that here.

Uses of the WiFi Nauta recharge

With a WiFi Nauta recharge, you guarantee that the receiver has money in the permanent account. The money automatically turns into international navigation time, according to the ETECSA 1/hour rate. Those hours can be used at a navigation room, or in one of the public navigation areas available around the country, to access social media, search through the Internet, or use messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or IMO.

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